Thoughts on product design + user experience

Tracking the elusive “user” in user experience design

Written by bbb on February 27, 2013

It’s pretty tough to design a great user experience if you don’t know the target audience. When faced with this problem, well-equipped UX designers commonly reach into their toolboxes and pull out: the persona. Personas draw upon the power of narrative and storytelling to shine a bright light on the elusive “user.” They’re especially effective…

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User experience conference coming to Kitchener-Waterloo in Sept 2012

Written by bbb on February 28, 2012

Big news! In mid-September, KW will play host to an awesome 2-day deep dive into user experience design called Fluxible 2012. Working with my friend Mark Connolly, we’ve been lining up a roster of top UX practitioners from around the world. The event format will include a variety of presentations, hands-on workshops, displays and demos,…

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Top 10 design-related Top 10 lists from 2010

Written by bbb on December 23, 2010

Seriously, how else to wrap up 2010 than with a Top 10 list of Top 10 lists? As my friend and mentor Dave Goodwin likes to say, everything eventually goes meta. 1. The Top Ten Innovation Myths in the U.S. by Scott Berkun You got your chocolate in my peanut butter Gutenberg changed the world…

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Context incongruity: One of these things is not like the other!

Written by bbb on July 26, 2010

Need to break through the clutter and really grab someone’s attention? Sometimes subtle tweaks in context are all it takes. On a related note, if you need Coke in bulk, I guess the Amco Station in Kitchener is a good bet.

iPhone survives underwater plunge into pit of doom!

Written by bbb on February 19, 2009

Just had to share this terrific story from Trevor Mann, a colleague of mine at Primal Fusion. Trevor, flaunting the stereotypical image of an IT systems specialist (especially here in the home of Blackberry), is pretty fond of Apple’s iPhone. The other day, he had reason to feel an even fonder affection. But it was…

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You may not know it, but you want my job.

Written by bbb on January 21, 2008

And guess what… I’m fine with that! According to Fast Company this month, interaction designer is one of the “Ten Jobs You Didn’t Know You Wanted“. And we’re in fine company, sharing the list with brewmaster, flavorist, and roller coaster engineer. (Piece of family legend: a distant cousin of mine worked on satellites until one…

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Amazon’s recommendation engine needs a semantic tune-up

Written by bbb on October 23, 2007

A few minutes ago, an email from Amazon landed in my Inbox. It suggests that, since I’ve purchased books about interaction design by Alan Cooper, I might also like this upcoming release titled Bravery Awards for Aerial Combat. Check it out: Um, okay, design can be pretty hard sometimes, but not sure it warrants an…

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Website now live for Waterloo UX group

Written by bbb on September 17, 2007

And our first event for the season is in three days, on Thursday September 20. Visit the UX Group’s website to learn more about our planned events (spoiler: Roger Martin in December!) and about our affiliations with IxDA and Communitech.

YouTube rudely observes that I have no friends

Written by bbb on June 28, 2007

I recently signed up for a YouTube account. Today, I scrolled down my profile page for the first time and got a virtual slap in the face when the following notice prominently slid into view: Ouch! I have no friends? Yeah, well, you, I dunno… you’re UGLY, YouTube!