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Top 10 design-related Top 10 lists from 2010

Written by bbb on December 23, 2010

Seriously, how else to wrap up 2010 than with a Top 10 list of Top 10 lists? As my friend and mentor Dave Goodwin likes to say, everything eventually goes meta. 1. The Top Ten Innovation Myths in the U.S. by Scott Berkun You got your chocolate in my peanut butter Gutenberg changed the world…

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Workshop: Improving website usability for arts organizations

Written by bbb on April 17, 2008

Looking forward to May 9-10 this year, where I’ll be conducting a 2.5-hour workshop at the Technology in the Arts Conference in Waterloo. Here’s the session description: For a growing number of arts organizations, the web has become a key communications channel — not just for sharing information, but for cultivating relationships with visitors. To…

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The jujutsu of introducing usability to an organization (video)

Written by bbb on July 10, 2007

I was very pleased when Mark Maxted from Blue Coat agreed to speak at last month’s 7-Minute Soapbox in Waterloo. Of all the engineers I’ve worked with in the past 15 years, Mark is perhaps the most well-versed and committed advocate of usability and user-centered design. In this talk, he draws upon 24 years experience…

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User-centered design and agile development at NCR (video)

Written by bbb on June 28, 2007

As more organizations adopt agile development methods, folks who practice the various disciplines related to user-centered design are forced to adapt. At the 7-Minute Soapbox in Waterloo on June 14, we heard one such story of adaptation from Christina Wood and Craig Miller, from the usability team at the local office of NCR. Christina and…

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Tips for integrating user experience and agile development (video)

Written by bbb on June 26, 2007

At last week’s 7-Minute Soapbox in Waterloo, Declan Whelan of Whelan & Associates talked about how to fit user experience/design/usability into an agile development process. I’ve had the pleasure of working as a UX designer with Declan on an extreme programming (XP) project and can vouch for his ideas: thanks to his leadership, that project…

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An agile alternative to the ponderous usability test (video)

Written by bbb on June 18, 2007

I have a love/hate relationship with usability testing. I love the feedback it generates, but I hate the administrative make-busy work that surrounds it, especially when a test takes on a life of its own and becomes <shudder> an Event. When that happens, teams begin treating usability as an end in itself instead of as…

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