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Microsoft Surface makes its first visit to Waterloo tomorrow

Written by bbb on September 29, 2008

If you haven’t already heard about tomorrow’s Innovation in Action event, be sure to check it out. The Waterloo UX Group (aka IxDA Waterloo and the Communitech UX P2P) is kicking off our new season with an event co-sponsored with the Infusion Angels. And it’s going to be great. Jensen Harris from Microsoft will be…

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Heading to Interaction 08

Written by bbb on December 19, 2007

Just registered for Interaction 08, the first conference organized by the Interaction Design Association (IxDA). Very excited about this, and not just for the opportunity to visit Savannah, Georgia in February! IxDA is growing into a terrific organization and has attracted most of the world’s top talent in interaction design; for instance, keynotes include Alan…

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Website now live for Waterloo UX group

Written by bbb on September 17, 2007

And our first event for the season is in three days, on Thursday September 20. Visit the UX Group’s website to learn more about our planned events (spoiler: Roger Martin in December!) and about our affiliations with IxDA and Communitech.

New Interaction Design Association Face-To-Face in Waterloo, Ontario

Written by bbb on June 6, 2007

I mentioned in a previous post how I’ve been working with Navid Sadikali to kick-start a professional interest group in our area around the topics of design and user experience. The response to our initial events has been terrific, so I’m pleased to announce today that when we kick off our new season in September…

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Get off it, designers: Microsoft Surface IS in fact a big deal

Written by bbb on May 30, 2007

Am I in an alternate universe here? Twice in one month, I find myself actually excited by new Microsoft products. At MIX07, I watched from the audience as Silverlight was announced; today, I wake up to the news that Microsoft is launching a 30-inch touchscreen table with a gestural interface. This new product, called Surface,…

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