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About Becubed

Robert Barlow-Busch

If you’d like to connect, check out my page for a list of the various places I inhabit online.

I’m a UX Design Lead at Google in Waterloo, Ontario. I’m also co-founder/chair of Fluxible, Canada’s UX Festival held each year in September in Kitchener-Waterloo.

I’ve had the pleasure of leading UX teams and projects in a wide range of companies and industries, from startups to big brands, from consumer products to the enterprise. Names include the likes of FedEx, Sony, Blackberry, Sprint, Nortel, Bell Canada, Agfa, AstraZeneca, MDS Sciex, and PerkinElmer.

You’ll find I’m particularly interested in the topic of personas. I helped to pioneer their use at Quarry, work which resulted in Forrester Research recognizing our team as one of North America’s top sources of expertise on the subject. I’ve since published two book chapters on personas:

You’ll sometimes find me speaking at conferences and industry events. Past appearances include IA Summit, UXPA, CHI, Midwest UX, and User Friendly in China. I also lecture occasionally at the University of Waterloo.

Interested in user experience? Find yourself in the Waterloo area? Be sure to look up uxWaterloo. I founded this group in 2007, and it’s now a successful Communitech peer-to-peer group and local chapter of IxDA. I stepped down from active duty in 2017, but still regularly attend our monthly events.

And yes, design isn’t just a job: it’s fun too! Check out the Bouncefly (below), a concept I created with a couple of friends — and which was published in Popular Science magazine as a runner-up in their human-powered design competition.