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Top 10 design-related Top 10 lists from 2010

Written by bbb on December 23, 2010

Seriously, how else to wrap up 2010 than with a Top 10 list of Top 10 lists? As my friend and mentor Dave Goodwin likes to say, everything eventually goes meta.

1. The Top Ten Innovation Myths in the U.S. by Scott Berkun

  1. You got your chocolate in my peanut butter
  2. Gutenberg changed the world on purpose
  3. Just build a better mousetrap
  4. The greatest thing since sliced bread
  5. The Post-It Note was invented by accident
  6. Apple invented everything
  7. Ebay was started in a garage, for a Pez-Dispenser
  8. Henry Ford invented the assembly line
  9. Newton was hit by an apple and discovered gravity
  10. Edison invented the light bulb

2. Mashable’s Top 10 resources for design inspiration

  2. Balance Network
  3. deviantART
  4. Smashing Magazine
  5. Abduzeedo
  7. LogoPond
  8. Best Web Gallery
  9. Kuler
  10. Flickr

3. 10 UX (User Experience) Blogs to Watch in 2010 by Whitney Hess

  1. 52 Weeks of UX
  2. Bobulate
  3. Johnny Holland
  4. Pure Caffeine
  5. UI&us
  6. UX Booth
  7. Usability Post
  9. Winning Content
  10. Wireframes Magazine

4. 10 of the best TED Talks by Smashing Lists

  1. Ken Robinson: Schools Kill Creativity
  2. Pattie Maes and Pranav Mistry: Sixth Sense
  3. Jill Bolte Taylor: Stroke of Insight
  4. Mark Roth: Suspended Animation is Within Our Grasp
  5. Elizabeth Gilbert: Nurturing Creativity
  6. Blaise Aguera y Arcas: Photosynth
  7. Richard Dawkins: Our “Queer” Universe
  8. Arthur Benjamin: Mathemagic
  9. Malcolm Gladwell: Spaghetti Sauce
  10. Stephen Wolfram: Computing a Theory of Everything

5. Fred Wilson’s 10 Golden Principles of Successful Web Apps from Think Vitamin

  1. Speed
  2. Instant utility
  3. Software is media
  4. Less is more
  5. Make it programmable
  6. Make it personal
  7. RESTful
  8. Discoverability
  9. Clean
  10. Playful

6. My Top 10 Design Resources by Mr. Joe Payton

  1. Think Vitamin
  2. Noupe
  3. Nettuts+
  4. Boagworld
  5. Abduzeedo
  6. A List Apart
  7. Six Revisions
  8. Creattica
  9. UX Booth
  10. Smashing Magazine

7. Chris Spooner’s 10 Usability Crimes You Really Shouldn’t Commit

  1. Form labels that aren’t associated to form input fields
  2. A logo that doesn’t link to the homepage
  3. Not specifying a visited link state
  4. Not indicating an active form field
  5. An image without an alt description
  6. A background image without a background color
  7. Using long boring passages of content
  8. Underlining stuff that isn’t a link
  9. Telling people to click here
  10. Using justified text

8. Gizmag’s Top 10 things you CAN’T have for Christmas 2010

  1. Seabreacher X
  2. “Mercedes-Benz Style” helicopter
  3. The Kid’s Walker exoskeleton
  4. The most exclusive motorcycle on the planet
  5. LEICA M9 ‘Titanium’ digital camera
  6. Top of the line television
  7. Domespace rotating wooden house
  8. A balcony for your private jet
  9. See-thru speakers
  10. A quiet getaway… in a “flying” submarine

9. The 10 weirdest questions asked during job interviews from Wired UK

  1. “How many tennis balls are in this room and why?”
  2. “You are in a room with three switches, which correspond to three bulbs in another room… How do you find out which bulb corresponds to which switch?”
  3. “Are your parents disappointed with your career aspirations?”
  4. “If I put you in a sealed room with a phone that had no dial tone, how would you fix it?”
  5. “If you were a brick in a wall, which brick would you be and why?”
  6. “How would you move Mount Fuji?”
  7. “Develop an algorithm for finding the shortest distance between two words in a document… take a few hours to develop a working example…”
  8. “Given a dictionary of words, how do you calculate the anagrams for a new word?”
  9. “How many hair salons are there in Japan?”
  10. “Say you are dead — what do you think your eulogy would say about you?”

10. Fast Company’s Top 10 most innovative design companies

  1. BMW Group Designworks-USA
  2. Ideo
  3. Rockwell Group
  4. Pentagram
  5. Ammunition
  6. Fuseproject
  7. Frog Design
  8. Potion
  9. Attik
  10. WET Design

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