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Microsoft Surface makes its first visit to Waterloo tomorrow

Written by bbb on September 29, 2008

If you haven’t already heard about tomorrow’s Innovation in Action event, be sure to check it out. The Waterloo UX Group (aka IxDA Waterloo and the Communitech UX P2P) is kicking off our new season with an event co-sponsored with the Infusion Angels. And it’s going to be great.

Jensen Harris from Microsoft will be sharing stories about the redesign of Office, describing in particular how they conceived of the new Ribbon interface element. I recently saw Jensen deliver this talk at UX Week in San Francisco and quite enjoyed it.

But the real draw tomorrow is likely to be… well, a table.

This ain’t a run-of-the-mill kitchen-table piece of furniture, of course. Microsoft Surface is a very cool multi-touch device, which I admired last year in a previous post.

To get your hands on a Surface tomorrow, follow the RSVP instructions described at the UX Group’s blog.