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Workshop: Improving website usability for arts organizations

Written by bbb on April 17, 2008

Looking forward to May 9-10 this year, where I’ll be conducting a 2.5-hour workshop at the Technology in the Arts Conference in Waterloo. Here’s the session description:

For a growing number of arts organizations, the web has become a key communications channel — not just for sharing information, but for cultivating relationships with visitors. To what degree does your website deliver on its full potential? Does its visual and architectural design help or hinder visitors? What does it currently do well, and what specifically could improve? In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn how usability testing can help to answer these questions.

Through a series of hands-on exercises with live websites, we’ll practice planning, conducting, and acting upon the results of a usability test. As a group, we’ll discuss options for how to proceed with a limited budget and some tips for testing with younger audiences. You’ll also learn several simple exercises for uncovering potentially hidden insights, such as people’s emotional reactions to your organization. Becoming proficient at these methods takes practice, but by the end of this workshop you’ll have the skills necessary to begin conducting them on your own website.

Planning to attend the workshop? Drop me a line with questions, requests, or suggestions.