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You may not know it, but you want my job.

Written by bbb on January 21, 2008

And guess what… I’m fine with that! According to Fast Company this month, interaction designer is one of the “Ten Jobs You Didn’t Know You Wanted“. And we’re in fine company, sharing the list with brewmaster, flavorist, and roller coaster engineer. (Piece of family legend: a distant cousin of mine worked on satellites until one was famously lost in space; he then switched careers to become a design engineer for the Space Mountain roller coaster in Disney World.)

Fast Company describes the allure of interaction design:

Interaction designers work at all stages of product development to design innovative and user-friendly products. In addition to wearing the traditional hat of a designer, they work with executives to define goals for products and systems in development. They also investigate how people actually engage with new products and systems…. [and] enjoy the opportunity “to learn about every walk of life and industry imaginable….”

Suffice to say it’s the sort of job that won’t bore you easily. I’ve had the chance to learn about proteomics, machine vision, embedded operating systems, electricity markets, commercial facilities management, international shipping, computer networks, consumer telephony, radiology, and a host of other domains

Yep, this job rocks.