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Job opportunity for design-minded web developer

Written by bbb on July 31, 2007

Work with me, people. Literally!

This position has been filled. Thanks to everyone who was interested and keep an eye peeled for future opportunities.

I’m excited about this position that’s just opened up here at Terapath. We’re looking for a web developer who’s savvy with all the latest buzz (Web 2.0, AJAX, etc.) and techniques for building rich internet applications. Why am I excited? Because I’ll be working closely with whomever lands in this position — and we’ll have some good times together, I’m sure. (Note: must love sushi. <grin />) We subscribe to the “fail early, fail often” and “serious play” philosophies here, meaning we like to iterate quickly and burn through design concepts. In order to do this properly, we need someone who can whip together working prototypes of our favorite ideas, then help usher the very best to market.

I’m happy to answer questions, but if you’re serious about applying, please get in touch with Jeff Fedor here at Terapath.

Web Application Developer (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)

About Terapath

A startup in Waterloo, Terapath has assembled a talented and experienced team to commercialize an exciting innovation. In fact, virtually all of us left comfortable positions at successful companies to participate in what we’re building here. Intrigued? Read on. If you’ve got what it takes for this position, we’d love to tell you more.

Position Summary

We’re looking for a maestro of front-end web development to assist with both prototyping and production code. Regardless of whether you like the terminology, you love to build CSS/XHTML applications described by buzzwords such as Web 2.0, AJAX, and RIA. You’ll work closely with our user experience team, helping bring to life new design ideas for usability and concept testing. As part of our development group, you’ll work with the latest & greatest technology to help those ideas grow into fully-functional production-quality web applications for commercial deployment.

Terapath’s agile development methodology will give you the freedom, responsibility and autonomy to explore new technologies in developing our products. We provide daily updates to each other so that overall project status and progress is clearly communicated.

You must have a thorough understanding of software development best practices and should have prior success delivering distributed, internet scale applications. You’re constantly learning and looking for ways to improve. A code warrior, you thrive in a small team startup environment. You’re innovative, creative, and you know that understanding a problem is as important as the code you write to solve it.


  • Develop and unit test application functionality to meet requirements and timelines
  • Provide development support during times of rapid concept iteration and testing
  • Provide verbal status updates to the entire R&D team on a daily basis
  • Provide input into overall application and platform architecture
  • Correct defects found during functional and regression testing
  • Participate in the planning and deployment of new releases, including feature estimation
  • Seek and advocate improvements in Terapath’s software development practices
  • Stay up-to-date with best practices in web development


  • Proven track record in commercial software development
  • Experience with technologies for building RIA’s such as AJAX, Flash, Silverlight
  • Experience with the Microsoft Expression suite of tools would be a plus
  • Experience with the .NET Framework, C# and related technologies
  • Solid experience building multi-tier distributed internet scale applications with a design focus, experience with service oriented architectures a plus
  • A positive attitude and a results-oriented work ethic
  • An ability to work both independently and in a team environment
  • An ability to work effectively using agile development methodologies
  • An ability to self-monitor progress against project goals and employ corrective actions as required
    University degree, college diploma or equivalent in computer science or engineering

For more information or to apply for this position, please contact Jeff Fedor.

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