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Hourly: Time tracking and invoicing on the Macintosh (video)

Written by bbb on July 10, 2007

If you’re in a profession where “billable hours” comes up frequently in conversation, you’re likely familiar with various methods and tools for tracking time. Very few of them are pleasant, at least based on my 10 years experience in consulting. In fact, even though I left the billable-hour game 6 months ago, I’m occasionally hit with waves of panic on Friday evenings: “Timesheets! Crap! I didn’t do my timesheets! Oh, right… phew, not anymore.”

At last month’s 7-Minute Soapbox in Waterloo, Peter Benes introduced us to Hourly, a new Mac OS X desktop application for tracking time and invoicing clients. Peter is a graphic designer (his studio is Atomic Wax) who, as you’ll hear in the video, hates the administrative work that’s required in running a business — particularly time tracking and invoicing. So he enlisted the help of some friends to design an application that would simplify the process and free up more time for creative work.

The result, Hourly, has apparently done just that for Peter. Macworld recently featured Hourly on its website, so hopefully others will experience similar outcomes.

In this video, Peter talks about his inspiration for Hourly and walks us through the application.

Thanks to Slideshare, you can follow the slides as you watch the video.

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